Fressingfield Dog Run | Field Rules

Terms and Conditions

Entering and leaving the field

• Do not arrive at the field too early. There are pull-in places available (a layby further up the road and space outside of the farm gates) but don’t park outside the field until the other car(s) have left.
• Make sure that the gate is shut properly when entering the field and that it is securely shut and locked as you leave.
• To make changeovers easy, make sure you are back at your car 5 minutes before the end of your booked session.
• Do not let your dog out of the car until the other cars have left the field.


• Please bring your own biodegradable bags (although there will be some provided) and place all bags in the bins provided.
• If you happen to come across a poo that someone has missed, please pick it up so the field remains in a clean condition.
• Please don’t drop any litter – take this home with you.

Cancelling policy

• No refunds will be given to those that don’t turn up to their booked slots. There is also no extension to late arrivals to the field.
• Refunds will be given if we close the field.


• Parking will be available alongside the field. We are not responsible for any damage done to vehicles so this is at the owner’s risk.
• Possible places to park as you wait for the previous owners to leave – laybys along the road and the concrete outside the farm gates.


• Please reschedule if your dog is unwell.
• No choke chains, electronic collars or harsh handling.
• If you are using the field for a big group of dogs, these dogs should all know each other or have socialised before so there is no conflict.
• Make sure your dogs are up to date on their vaccinations to prevent the spread of any potential illnesses for future dogs using the field.

Use of the field

• Before using the field, you must agree to these terms and conditions.
• The owners must take responsibility for all loss, damage or accidents causes on/at the field.
• Children are welcome.
• No climbing on the fence.
• Dogs must be refrained from digging where possible.

How to find us...

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